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Interview Skills Course for Students Applying to Medical, Dental & Veterinary School

This course is an important part of your preparation for the interview process for Medical, Dental and Veterinary School. It is hosted by experienced NHS Consultant Physicians, Dental Surgeons and Senior Lecturers who have been involved in this process for a number of years.  This offers you the opportunity to gain an insight from people who, not so long ago, were in the position you are in now.

Deciding to study medicine and applying to Medical/Dental School is a big step. The vocational nature of the medical/dental degree indicates that you have made a decision about a course of study and also your future career. Choosing to study medicine or dentistry is only part of the story - selecting the right medical/dental school and preparing for that all important interview is equally important if you want a successful outcome and to maximise your time at university.



This highly interactive course is an essential part of your preparation in the application and interview process for Medical, Dental and Veterinary School. It is hosted by experienced NHS Consultant Physicians, Dental Surgeons and Senior Lecturers who have been involved in this process for a number of years. This offers you the opportunity to gain insight from people who have the expertise and experience to help you succeed at interview. 

Faculty includes: GP's, NHS Consultant Physicians, Surgeons and Senior Lecturers and Current Medical/Dental Students.

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* all students spend 3 hours in live mock interviews with individual feedback.


I am very pleased to say that I have received all five offers! I received all four dental offers from Queen's University Belfast, University of Dundee, University of Cardiff and King's College, London. All of these were MMI-style interviews and I have no doubt that my training helped me to excel in this format. Thanks Bronagh

Shortly after attending the Interview course at 3fivetwo, I was invited to interview for medicine at Queens, Glasgow and Dundee. After interview, I was made an offer for each Medical school. I would accredit my success in these interviews to having gained skills, and a lot more confidence, from the Interview skills course I undertook in November 2013. I could not have been happier with the experience I had there, all the people were so friendly and all the information received was useful. I found having done mock interviews to be a particular advantage to me when it came to the real interviews, because I was rehearsed in having to think clearly on my feet, whilst under a considerable amount of pressure from an often scary interviewer! Would recommend the course to anyone applying for Medicine next year – Thanks! Patrick


I received 4 invitations to interview for dentistry in Cardiff, Sheffield, Glasgow and Queens and that I then received four offers from all institutions. The course was fundamental to my success and I have passed on my recommendations to friends that is essential if you want to score highly at interview. Thank you for providing this opportunity in Northern Ireland. Having the experience of a mock MMI was the perfect head start that put me much more at ease when faced with the real thing! Thank you to all your team. Kind regards, Rebecca


I was invited for interview at QUB for medicine and received an offer! I found the course extremely helpful and believe it equipped and prepared me for my interview. I would definitely recommend it to future medicine applicants. Ruth

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