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Paediatric Immediate Life Support (PILS) UK Resuscitation Council

Paediatric Immediate Life Support (PILS)

Course Summary

The PILS course aims to provide healthcare staff with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to:

  • Understand the structured ABCDE approach that facilitates rapid recognition of seriously ill children

  • Provide appropriate initial treatment interventions to prevent cardiorespiratory arrest

  • Treat children in respiratory or cardiorespiratory arrest until the arrival of a resuscitation team or more experienced assistance

  • Prepares delegates to become members of a paediatric resuscitation team

The course is run over one day and is mainly delivered as hands-on practical skill stations and workshops and one lecture.
Course Programme:
  • Welcome & Introduction.
  • Initial ABCDE assessment & interventions.      
  • Recognition & initial management of the seriously ill child.         
  • ABC Approach                                                                      
  • Airway management and ventilation with BLS             
  • Choking and Tracheostomy                                            
  • Emergency circulation access, fluid administration and Medications plus WETFLAG                                      
  • Paediatric ALS algorithm & management of cardiorespiratory arrest
  • Simulation practice                                                                     

1. Lecture
There is one lecture on the PILS course: Recognition and initial
management of the seriously ill child. The lecture content is based on the manual.

2. Skill Stations
There are 4 skill stations on the PILS course:
Skill Station 1: Airway management and ventilation
Skill Station 2: Basic life support and choking
Skill Station 3: Basic life support with adjuncts
Skill Station 4: Emergency circulatory access, fluid administration
and medications

This full day course is held in our custom built Training Suite and includes a morning coffee break and lunch.

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