Event Date:

01 September 2019

Event Title:

UCAT Preparation Course

Event Location:

Training Academy
10 Falcon Way
Boucher Road
BT12 6SQ

Event Duration:

9.30am - 2.30pm

Places Remaining:


The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is used in the selection process by a consortium of UK university Medical and Dental Schools.

The test helps universities to make more informed choices from amongst the many highly-qualified applicants who apply for their medical and dental degree programmes.

Our interactive course is delivered by educational tutors who will equip students with test strategies and practice questions.

Students will cover practice questions from all of 5 sections of the exam and will have the opportunity to learn how the correct answer is derived. 

Course content:

The test has five sections:

UCAT - Verbal reasoning - there are 11 passages of text, each about 200 words long with four questions about each passage. The questions are in two formats, most questions will present a statement and the question asks if, based only on the information given, the statement is true, false or if it is logically impossible to tell. The second format gives 4 statements or answer options to choose from based on the text in the passage.

There are 22 minutes to answer 44 questions. 

UCAT - Decision Making - there are 29 items that may refer to text, charts, tables, graphs or diagrams. Additional information may be presented within the question itself. All questions are standalone and do not share data. Some questions will have four answer options but only one correct answer; others will require a response to five statements by placing a 'yes' or 'no' answer next to each statement.

There are 29 questions to answer in 32 minutes. 

UCAT - Quantitative reasoning - there are nine sets of data usually in the form of a graph or a table. Each of these has four questions based on it. All the questions have the same multiple choice format. A simple on screen calculator is provided and the calculations will only require GCSE level manipulations.

There are 36 questions to answer in 25 minutes. 

UCAT - Abstract reasoning – There will be 4 different question types. For type 1 there will be two sets of shapes labelled “Set A” and “Set B”. You will be given a test shape and asked to decide whether the test shape belongs to Set A, Set B, or Neither. For Type 2 there will be a series of shapes. You will be asked to select the next shape in the series. For Type 3 there will be a statement, involving a group of shapes. You will be asked to determine which shape completes the statement. For Type 4 there are two sets of shapes labelled “Set A” and “Set B”. You will be asked to select which of the four response options belongs to Set A or Set B. 

There are 55 questions to answer in 14 minutes. 

UCAT - Situational Judgement Test - A range of scenarios are presented each with a suggested next step, action or decision, candidates are asked to assess the suitability of that action.

There are around 69 questions to answer in 27 minutes.

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