24th Aug 2017

Kinesiology Tape - What, why and how to use it to manage patients

Kinesiology tape is becoming an increasing popular choice for physiotherapists and athletes at all levels and across all sports.  In tennis Garbine Muguruza just stormed past world No.1 Karolina Pliskova, 6-3, 6-2, into the Cincinnati final for the first time while playing with kinesiology tape lining her left thigh.  In golf Rory McIlroy made the cut during The Players Championship while wearing kinesiology tape across his back, possibly as support following his previous rib injury. While in the world of beach volleyball it is said that ‘players are using so much kinesiology tape they look like mummies’.


What is it?

Kinesiology tape is a widely used type of strapping used to take pressure off injured and overused muscles. The tape is made from a thin porous cotton fabric with medical grade heat-activated adhesive.  The difference with Kinesiology tape is that, unlike the traditional taping techniques which involve wrapping the tape around the joint, Kinesiology tape is placed on the body in different patterns allowing it to pull different degrees of tension in the desired area, mimicking the body’s muscles.


Why use it?

Kinesio tape is very versatile, the tape supports the injury while maintaining a full range of motion and comfort. Less tape is used than in traditional taping methods as Kinesio tape can be worn from 3-5 days. Studies have shown that unlike traditional athletic tape which can reduce blood flow, Kinesio tape can improve blood circulation for those suffering from various disorders.  Because Kinesio tape maximizes blood flow after physical trauma, increasing oxygen availability to compromised body structures and organs, the tape is widely used by both athletes and non-athletes to promote healing, strengthen and support overworked muscles, and enhance athletic performance.


The Kinesio Taping® Method (KTM) is used to:  



How to use it?

In order to use Kinesio tape safely and effectively it is best practice to complete a Kinesiology tape course.  At 3fivetwo Training Academy we offer a 1 day workshop which covers all of the key areas in the use of Kinesiology tape in the effective management of patients suffering from musculoskeletal conditions. 


Our course has the following learning outcomes:



For more information or to book a place on our Kinesiology Taping Course taking place on 12th November 2017, please contact us by telephone: +44(0)2890735273, by email: trainingacademy@3fivetwo.com or Click Here.

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